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Deloitte will be hosting Tuesday’s events in the ACC week 2019

In Deloitte, you will find passionate, caring people who are curious by nature, striving to evolve. We value our different skills, perspectives, and experiences and foster an environment where innovative powers thrive.


To us, success is the feeling that the work we are doing will outlast us. The impact we make is not about what we achieve as individuals, but how we enable those around us to be their very best.

Aarhus Case Competition is characterized by a dynamic and professional approach and passionate energy, which is in tune with Deloitte’s mindset and values. As a former AU graduate, I enjoy coming back. Experiencing the high level of ambition, collaboration, engagement, and inquisitive spirit; it is simply rewarding to be part of, and I like the thought that we, as a company, have this great opportunity to be challenged and inspired by such talented students, and likewise – hopefully.

Troels Lorentzen.jpg

Troels Ellemose Lorentzen

Partner, Financial Advisory Valuation Services, Deloittte

Impact that matters

With us, talent appears in various forms. We are the brand under which tens of thousands dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and legal and related services to selected clients.

We help clients realise their ambitions; to make a positive difference in society, and to maximise the success of our clients and colleagues. From professional development to leadership opportunities and career advancement, we empower our people to be extraordinary by playing to their strengths - because that is how we can make a difference.

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EZ_09-03-17_Deloitte BA Portraits _0154.

Talent that matters

Our senior people and leaders are driven to unlock potential through mentorship, lifelong learning, and career solutions that meet the changing needs of Deloitte's businesses and people. Sharing knowledge is a cornerstone of our corporation. Therefore, we are very happy to challenge, and being challenged by, you - the leaders of tomorrow as well as share our knowledge of good case solving at Aarhus Case Competition 2019.

We are very proud of being a partnering company of ACC again this year, and we look forward to meeting the talented students - learning more about you, your visions and ways of thinking. The professionalism, the unique competences, and strong commitment we find both in the ACC organising committee and the participants are highly admirable. Therefore, we find it rewarding to support an event as ACC and to connect with all of you talented young minds.

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