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H&B is ACC's Monday Premium Partner

We are ambitious, and we want to create extraordinary results with extraordinary people. Therefore, we want to challenge you and help you to a triumphant day solving your cases at the ACC.

H&B is a team of dedicated management consultants based in Aarhus and Copenhagen. We work together to assist top management in ambitious companies reach top performance
and solve their most important challenges – for people, with people, as people. Through value-creating advisory and solid execution, we equip our clients for the future.

We cannot wait to spend this inspiring week together with all of you ambitious case-solvers. Hopefully, you will be able to feel our passion when you meet us at ACC.

“We are excited to work with Aarhus Case Competition yet again! ACC is a unique hands-on opportunity for students to apply smart and creative solutions to real, challenging, and complex business problems.”


Stine Sofie Bisgaard

Senior Management Consultant 

H&B | Hildebrandt & Brandi

What we do

We build long-term relationships with our clients and commit to their needs and realities – as experts and as people. We help our clients realise their business potential by solving the right problems – the right way.

A company’s challenges are hardly ever purely strategic problems, processing difficulties or management challenges. They are a mixture of strategy, management, transformation, processes, governance and much more. The same applies to our solutions. We relate to the organisation’s reality and challenges and adapt our solutions to its needs.

Chapter-billede .png

We help ambitious organisations solve their most complex and crucial challenges like:

How do we develop the business in the most attractive way and realise the potentials of the strategy? How do we create the best customer experiences to improve customer loyalty? And how do we strengthen the organisation’s profitability?

We primarily work within Strategy & Organisation, Commercial Excellence and Operational Excellence.

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