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VENZO is proud to be the Digitalisation Partner at Aarhus Case Competition 2021

VENZO is an eco-system of specialised business units, from business consulting to advanced analytics and other technology disciplines. Across the organisation, our mantra is to encourage people to evolve and collaborate to unfold their potential and innovative minds.

ACC is the perfect platform for students to network and collaborate to unfold their innovative minds by getting the chance to convert theoretical knowledge into practical experience when solving the three cases. Therefore, we highly encourage all students to sign up for this year ACC event - it will be a lot of fun!

“At VENZO, we have a great wish to create deeper relations into the academic world. We find knowledge crucial, and best when shared! We love to try out new ideas and to learn, and by partnering up with ACC we will get the opportunity of doing just that! 


Søren Luplau-Pagh

Group CEO at VENZO

Organisations need help with their digital journey, and at VENZO we help organisations succeed with exactly that

The ACC-week is a brilliant way for the students to develop a toolbox and learn what makes a solution successful. At VENZO, we believe successful solutions require a user perspective, a strategic approach, a solid understanding of data and technology, as well as strong execution. All of which the students will experience and get an understanding of during the week.


We take great pride in our partnership with ACC. Not only because it is rewarding for us to support an organisation like ACC, but also - and most importantly - get the chance to meet talented young students who embrace the challenge.

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